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Innovative Has One of the Highest Client Retention Rates

Referral Partners

We have closely worked with our referral partners since our inception in 2001 and we consider our partners a cornerstone of the company. We believe that 50% of all buying decisions are made from existing relationships. Other than our clients and their employees, no relationships are more important to us than our partners. Whether we work together on one client a year or one client a week, we will ensure that your client, their employees, and you have a great experience. We view it as a prime responsibility to make sure that your clients are well taken care of as we believe nothing is more important that maintaining our high level of client retention and customer satisfaction.

There are many benefits you will obtain from your association with Innovative. Your ability to expand your products and service will increase with more choices and options for your clients. Your clients will be offered solutions that are customized specifically to meet their business needs. You will love our reliability, accessibility and the way we proactively and timely respond to your clients and to their employees.

With Innovative, you will receive your ongoing monthly commissions on the first of the month for the life of the client. We guarantee that the commission agreed to on day one will be the one in place 5, 10, or 15 years later. In our long history, we have never restructured or reduced a partner’s commission. We are committed to a long and successful relationships built on trust and respect with each partner.

We will reduce your administrative burden associated with ongoing client support so that you can focus on providing high value added services and on acquiring more clients. For instance, we won’t take over a client’s health insurance, which protects the commissions of those partners who are insurance agents. In addition, we will provide insurance administration for client based plans, which greatly simplifies life for those partners.

Ultimately, we provide protection. With us you are protected from competitors who in the process of providing payroll take over your client’s health insurance, workers’ compensation, retirement plans, and in some cases even your client’s accounting functions. Partnering with us enables you to remain a trusted adviser to your client.

If there is anyway we can be of service or if you have a unique request, don’t hesitate to ask. Feel free to contact us about special promotions and sales contests.


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