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Innovative Online Provides Total Access in Real Time
The benefits of our self-service web based solution, Innovative Online, have become essential to our clients in terms of providing support, delivering information, and controlling costs. There never is a charge as our clients and their employees have free access to our online services. We believe that not all self-service payroll and HR applications are created equal. Innovative Online provides uncompromised flexibility and functionality.

You can quickly and easily access important information without assistance; your satisfaction goes up while your costs go down. You may elect a 100% paperless and web-based platform. Innovative equips you and your managers with online self-service features and real time data to perform activities such as hiring and terminating employees, adjusting employee pay, viewing real time benefits, and creating comprehensive reports. The system allows employees to access their own payroll info, view paystubs, W2s, and much more.

Online Payroll Submission

Our complete and powerful online payroll network was designed with our client’s requirements in mind. Our state of the art system provides you with total access to your employees and their payroll information. Our integrated system allows you to make changes, view payroll and employee data, and submit your payroll all through a secure login. Our clients have the ability to enter payroll as well as enter HR changes regarding their employees. The degree or amount of information accessed is determined by each client and may be limited to a single department or be available on an organizational wide basis. It is up to the client to decide who is allowed online access and to what they are allowed access.

Obtain Real Time Data

Access online all employment and payroll related data in real time. No waiting until servers are updated with data from the previous day or hour and there is never need to duplicate any entry of data.

Less Paper, More Efficiency

Time sheets may be uploaded straight from a time clock or from an excel spreadsheet. When information is not required to be re-keyed from faxed time sheets, there are fewer errors with more efficient handling results.

Self-Generated Reports and Ad-Hoc Reporting Online
Self-service access gives decision makers the resources they need to perform their jobs. Managers may generate reports and save their favorite query settings. Using Informer, a comprehensive report writer, you can create reports on the fly. Informer provides on demand reporting to online users so that you never pay for expensive customized reports. Informer utilizes sophisticated security settings to manage reporting access therefore resulting in a secure, user intuitive web reporting solution.

Paperless E-Paystubs

Every year thousands of employees who receive their pay though direct deposit toss their paystubs into the trash. Not only is this environmentally unfriendly, it creates the potential for disclosure of confidential pay rates and identity theft. Join with us in providing you and your employees a secure option that eliminates waste.

Utilizing our environmentally friendly paperless online website allows your employees the option to review and retrieve their payroll information directly rather than receiving paper paystubs for direct deposits (live checks will still have paystubs). They may view their PTO balances, 401k deferrals, benefits information, personal information, reprint paystubs, reprint W-2s, and much more.

Free Up Your Time

Employees may access their information online day or night; there is no need to call the office for net pay amounts, come in to pick up paystubs, request paystubs reprints, or for you to worry about distributing paystubs. Employee self-service enables employees to get the information they want, when they want it. This greatly reduces the time you spend responding to distracting employee inquires.


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