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Innovative Employer Solutions Is Not Only Cost Effective
Innovative is accurate and responsive while adding flexibility back into your payroll process.

The One Stop Solution for Your Payroll and Payroll Tax Management
Innovative’s professional staff is dedicated to removing from your organization the time consuming distraction of having to process payroll. We understand how important it is to get your payroll done accurately the first time–every time. We’ll provide you with immediate access to our specialists where there is never a voicemail keeping you form obtaining direct answers to your questions. You’ll find attentive, friendly, personal touch individuals available for assistance. Our quick responses will allow you to keep your mind off payroll and focused on your bottom line. Make the switch to Innovative and discover what our clients already know: that we exceed their expectations daily.

Payroll Tax Management
End the ongoing responsibility and pressure of having to continuously pay and file payroll taxes – by pay period, quarterly, and annually for Federal Withholding, State Withholding, Local Taxes, Social Security, Medicare, Federal Unemployment Insurance, and State Unemployment Insurance. Our knowledgeable staff is responsible for ensuring that all taxes are calculated correctly and remitted on a timely basis. We ensure client compliance with all employment related federal and state tax regulations.

Avoid IRS Penalties
According to the IRS, 40% of small businesses pay an average penalty of $845 per year for late or incorrect filings. Keeping up with the latest version of payroll software programs and the most recent tax tables isn’t easy and requires attention with a regular investment of time. Using the wrong tax tables can result in stiff penalties and unhappy employees.

Online Data Entry
The benefits of our self-service web based solution, Innovative Online, have become essential to our clients in terms of providing support, delivering information, and controlling costs. There never is a charge as our clients and their employees have free access to our online services. We believe that not all self-service payroll and HR applications are created equal. Innovative Online provides uncompromised flexibility and functionality.

Input Options
Our clients have the flexibility of choosing from among several convenient payroll entry methods:
  • Enter online your payroll
  • Fax us your payroll
  • Call in your payroll
  • Email us your payroll
  • Drop off your payroll
With Innovative’s powerful, versatile accounting software working for you, you’ll have access to a library of reports. In the event that you need a unique report, you’ll have access to Informer, a robust report writer that can be setup for you to access online on demand.

Direct Deposit
Not having to make a trip to the bank is not only an important convenience for your employees but can increase their productivity.

Pre-loaded VISA debit cards
Pre-loaded Visa debit cards and before protection are an option for employees who prefer not to bank at financial institutions. Funds are available to the employees the morning of their pay date. This option eliminates distractions on payday since it eliminates the need for employees to leave early to cash checks with a check cashing service or visit a bank before the weekend.

Pre-paid debit cards offer many advantages for both the employers and employees. There are no fees to the employer and minimal fees for the employee. Cards work quickly, while reducing the costs of printing and delivering checks. It also offers safeguarding against losses from paycheck fraud or stolen checks. Employees also have access to their pay without a fee, no overdraft fees, protection from carrying large sums of money and free access to monitor transactions online and text alerts.

Wage Garnishments
Printing additional checks for child support payments, the IRS, and other court ordered wage garnishments takes additional time and requires an understanding of the specific laws and regulations that apply to garnishments. As part of our service, we also perform the legally required New Hire Reporting.

What is worse: an ex-employee calling you late in February demanding their W-2 or getting a return to sender over and over again when you mail it out? Let us handle it. W-2 production and distribution is an integrated part of our service. We never charge our clients an additional amount for producing W-2s.

Paid Time Off (PTO) Plans
PTO plans when well planned, developed, and implemented can go a long way in benefiting both the employees and the employer. Studies show that a PTO program can help reduce unscheduled employee absenteeism rates while adding to the overall job satisfaction and to good employee/employer relations. With Innovative, you have the option to show PTO balances on the employee pay stubs.


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