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#1 PEO Revenues are Growing
It’s a good thing for business. The PEO industry grew by $8 billion to $92 billion in gross revenues in 2012. Small- and medium-sized businesses outsource to PEOs for everything from administering the payroll and paying employment related taxes, to risk management, recruiting, providing health benefits, and securing workers' compensation coverage. A relatively young industry — around 30 years old — PEOs have vast room to grow and there is lots of evidence of an industry on the move.

#2 Many PEOs to Choose From
It’s a large industry, a place where you can build a career. Approximately 700-900 PEOs are operating in 50 states. The industry's gross revenue has grown as PEOs attract more diverse, fast-growth clients and the typical salary of the worksite employees increases. PEOs' expanded human resources services and employee benefits provide a high value and efficient outsourcing option for businesses from many different industries.

#3 Client Size is Increasing
Larger businesses are starting to see the advantage and are voting with their dollars. The average client is a small business with an average of 20 employees. Increasingly, larger businesses are signing up, too. Clients range from accounting firms to high-tech companies to manufacturers to medical offices, restaurants, and retail businesses.

#4 PEO Clients are Growing
It’s such a great service that since 2010, employment growth among PEO clients has been 9% higher than other small businesses, and 4% higher than employment growth in the U.S. economy overall.

Do you have solid business experience? Do you communicate well? Please contact us as we are looking for great business people to spread the word about the PEO revolution in Florida.

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