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Innovative Workers Compensation Insurance
This is another opportunity for us to save our clients both time and money. With Innovative, you have the options of joining our master PEO workers’ compensation policy, of having our dedicated specialists obtain a workers’ compensation policy specifically designed for your company, or of having us take over the administration of your existing policy.

With great attention to detail, we handle and coordinate everything from application submission to premium payments. Innovative will track and pay the monthly, quarterly, or annual billing as well as handle the audit at the end of the policy year. From quote to policy renewals our workers’ compensation professionals ensure that your insurance policy is properly managed from day one with the greatest savings possible.

Protects Your Employees, Your Assets and Your Business
Our Innovative team will focus on your policy administration, injury claim administration, and safety compliance. We will manage your workers’ compensation allowing you to focus on your business. Ensuring that coverage is in place, premiums are paid, audits are accurate, and renewals are timely can take a lot of energy. In the event of an injury, we coordinate with the workers’ compensation carrier, the injured worker, and the treating medical professionals.

No Money down
Create more cash flow with no deposit thereby eliminating paying thousands of dollars up front to access a workers’ compensation insurance policy. Simply pay a portion each payroll for your workers’ compensation, based on a percentage of your actual payroll. Never pay a large down payment again.

Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation
Our workers’ compensation programs were designed exclusively for our PEO, payroll, and ASO clients. Our clients have access to affordable workers’ compensation insurance options designed to cash flow with their payroll and billing systems. Innovative helps our customers evaluate the benefits of our PEO solution versus that of a payroll solution through us so that the best decision is reached on a case-by-case basis for each client. Our programs ease cash flow concerns by collecting premium throughout the year as part of the payroll process.

These programs allow for client owned policies to act more like master policies in that they are managed by Innovative where premium is reported in real time and documented through the payroll processing cycle. The benefits of these programs include lower down payment requirements and better protection from unexpected audit bills caused by underestimated premium versus standard installment plans.

Receive discounts under our master PEO workers’ compensation policy or obtain a plan with rich dividends and savings utilizing your own specifically designed policy.

No Audits
Compensation audits that often contain unpleasant surprises in the form of additional assessments.

Eliminate Fees
Let us show you how to eliminate state expense fees, terrorism fees, etc., all of which can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Loss Control and Safety Programs
The goal is to prevent injuries to all employees and the down time associated with incidents and accidents. Manuals promote safety by facilitating on-site employee safety orientations designed to promote a safe work environment. The emphasis is on discovering what causes accidents and identifying where in the work processes those causes are likely to occur.

Return to Work Programs
Comprehensive Return to Work programs have proven to be highly effective in containing and reducing the costs of workers’ compensation. A return to work program is designed to facilitate the earliest possible return of an injured worker to the workplace so they can perform meaningful, productive work within their physical capabilities.

OSHA compliance
OSHA has the greatest impact on workers’ safety and health regulations, as we know them today. We will assist you in developing safety processes to prevent injuries to all employees and the down time associated with incidents and accidents.

Certificate of Insurance
We understand the importance of generating a certificate instantly. The certificate can be produced in an Adode Acrodat (PDF) file, then faxed or e-mailed to your designated recipient almost immediately.


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